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Sale DateSale Type
17th January 2018Antiques Sale
21st February 2018Antiques Sale
21st March 2018Antiques Sale
28th March 2018Collectors Sale
18th April 2018Antiques Sale
16th May 2018Antiques Sale
20th June 2018Antiques Sale
18th July 2018Antiques Sale
25th July 2018Collectors Sale
18th August 2018Antiques Sale
19th September 2018Antiques Sale
17th October 2018Antiques Sale
21st November 2018Antiques Sale
28th November 2018Collectors Sale
19th December 2018Antiques Sale
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Later Furnishings & Antiques Sales
Tuesday prior to sale 9:00am - 5:00pm and morning of the sale from 9:00am

*Please note that there will be no viewing for The Later Furnishings Sale in Saleroom 1 after 10am on the morning of the sale

Later Furnishings sale starts at 10am with Antiques Sale to follow

Text only catalogue available on request for the Later Furnishings section of the sale

Collectors Sales
Tuesday prior to sale 9:00am - 5:00pm and morning of the sale from 9:00am

All sales start at 10am

Condition Reports

We do not provide condition reports for lots in the Later Furnishings sale.

Due to the overwhelming level of business we are receiving via the websites,
we are no longer able to provide condtion reports for lots estimated below £50.

We do however do more detailed reports in the Collectors catalogue on lower value items.

We do not provide any condition reports on sale day.

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